Monday, April 30, 2007

Eli's review of Wilco's new album, "Sky Blue Sky"

When Diana feeds Eli, she likes to play this children's Reggae album. I'm convinced if he listens to this too frequently he'll turn into a pot head when he's a teenager and grow those gross blonde dreadlocks. Ew.

So when I took Eli downstairs for his daily X-Box golf outing, I took along the new Wilco album, "Sky Blue Sky." Now, technically this album is unreleased and I have a bootleg copy. Which means Eli participated in a crime by listening. But I explained to ELi the evils of copyright fraud and promised to buy the album the minute it comes out.

Overall, Eli liked the album. And by "like," I mean, "didn't cry." In fact, he got a thoughtful look on his face through the beginning of the album, made a huge poo about halfway through, and actually cried so hard I had to skip the song "Walkin."

As a comparison, I played him "Sgt. Pepper" by the Beatles, which caused him to drift into a coma-like sleep. Sorry, Wilco. You cannot beat the masters.

On another happy note, I tried out the baby sling while playing X-Box golf today and after an initial scream of frustration, he took to it happily. Which left my hands free to play, drink Gatorade and to eventually use the restroom. Diana does not approve.

On a sad note, we took Eli to his first trip to Target. He did not like it one bit. Much crying. I fear he inherited his father's penchant for overpriced, brand name blue jeans.

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