Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And now a word from our fashion expert

Today I think I'll hand the blog over to our resident fashion expert, Rodney St. Sinclair. Take it away Rodney!

"Ooooh, thank you Ricky. Now listen up, girlfriends because today we're talking about the latest in new daddy fashion! That's right. The do's and don'ts for every brand new daddy from Milan to Evanston.

First up, the cornerstone to any new daddy fashion statement? Two words: Sweat. Pants. No self respecting daddy leaves the house to go pick up boob ointment unless he's fit snug into these stretchy numbers. Oh, and they have to be grey. Oh, and they simply have to be covered in baby puke. The more baby puke the better, girlfriends!

And what tops off a nice pair of sweats? That's right. A three day old t-shirt. I prefer purple, to go with the bags under daddy's eyes. But you do what you want, girlfriends. Oh, and if you have to ask if the shirt should be covered in baby puke than you aren't a daddy. Snap!

People ask me, 'Rodney? Can I wear slippers to Whole Foods?' I say, 'Are you a daddy? Then get yourself into some slippers, girl!'

And how do you top off a daddy outfit? That's right. Filthy baseball hat. Try to pick one that says, 'I haven't showered in 3 days and I'm loving it!'

That's all for me today, my sweeties. Next time we'll answer the question, 'Can my baby wear the same onsie three days in a row if it's only half covered in baby puke? Here's a hint. The answer is yes.'"

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