Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baby slings

Today, Diana and I made the monumental task of wakling a half block to the church (to run Grover, they're really cool) with Elijah. Normally that involves strapping the little man into his car seat, locking said car seat into the car seat stroller, lugging the stroller down the steps, etc. 30 minutes of work for 15 minutes of Grover fun. Besides, Grover was looking at me with his, "You know, I unrinate outside for your benefit, not mine" face.

So we broke out the baby sling. It's basically a sash with a pocket for wee ones. You have to get over the fact that you look like Ms. America without the duct taped buttocks. But after my initial embarassment, I was totally into it. I can carry Eli close to my body and my hands are free to throw Grover tennis balls, hold hands with my wife, open beers, etc. you think I can incorporate the baby sling into my X-Box playing? The posibilities are endless.

p.s. Steve and Tom came over to play X-Box last night and look at the boy. It was hilarious to watch then attempt to whisper scream at the tv so as not to disturb the boy.

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