Monday, April 23, 2007

Me versus Eli

Behind the scenes of our happy house, there's a war being waged. A cold war. The participants? Me and Eli. What's at stake? Changing table domination.

Eli's mission is to spray his da da with pee pee. My mission is to not get sprayed with pee pee.

Diana has already fallen prey to his urinary sniper fire. Twice. Eli: 2. Mommy: 0.

Eli has taken several shots at me, but with no success. A simple square of cotton has saved my life too many times to count (thank you Dave Hamann for the life saving tip).

He's crafty , that Eli. He usually waits until the middle of the night to attack. When I'm most likely not to use the pee pee shield. But I never fall for it. Who does he think I am? Mommy?

I hear him crying right now. The game is on...

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