Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In the background, I distinctly heard God laughing.

Introducing, Elijah Steven Hamann!

You may be thinking, "Elijah? Elijah? Didn't you tell everyone on the planet you were having a girl? Don't you have a closet full of girl things? Specifically 4 purple dresses? Didn't you nail the name 'Ruby' to the wall of the baby room? Didn't you already sign her up for the 2025 Ms. America Pagent?"

Well, ahem, uh, here's the thing. We were told by the ultrasound lady that our baby was a girl. And, well, we believed her. Because she had on scrubs and a nametag and we didn't.

Cut to Saturday morning, April 14th, 5:05a.m.. Diana, having put forth a superhuman effort (more on that later), is crossing the finish line to motherhood. Dr Miller is calmly saying, "Here she comes...there's her head...she has a lot of hair...here she is...IT'S A BOY!"

Huh? What? Come again? Boy? Dr. Miller proved his point by displaying our child's angry angry testicles.

Hilarious. Wonderful. Beautiful baby Boy.

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