Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let's meet the team: Mommy.

No baby yet. She's still crammed into Diana's stomach, biting her spleen. Huh? What? You dont know Diana? Then why are you reading this blog, sicko? But since you're here, sicko, I'll clue you in on our mommy to be, Diana.

Nasa recently conducted a study trying to determine the cutest pregnant woman on the planet. Now, this was no easy task. There has to be at least eight or nine pregnant women on Earth at any given moment. But after ten years and roughly $1.2 billion of taxpayer dollars, they found their cutest pregnant woman: Diana, Marie Onassis Hamann. Just look at her. She seems so blissful and happy. I'm going to try to remember this photo while wiping baby puke off my favorite posession.

Diana's turn ons include wine, wine and books about wine. And HGTV. Her turn offs include things not put away.

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