Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Eli the Blessed.

Two houses down there is an Indian Catholic Church. The priests who live there are totally cool and allow Grover to run in the yard and generally destroy the place. Apparently, being an Indian Catholic makes you tolerant of Grover holes in your lawn.

Anyhoo, I was running boy #1 in the yard and one of the cool priests came out. After a minute or two of chit chat I mentioned our new arrival. Well, being a cool priest he asked if he could come over and bless our son. Of course. I figured Elijah may as well get on the Big Guy's good side early.

So I ran ahead to make sure Eli wasn't covered in poop or Diana wasn't flaunting her wears (we're pro nudity in our house. Saves on laundry bills).

Diana was watching the movie "Boys On The Side." Now, I've never seen this Drew Barrymore vehicle, but apparently there's a sex scene, and it just so happened to be blaring at Diana-deaf volume. Luckily, the smut got turned off right as cool priest arrived.

Long story short, Eli got a blessing (he didn't cry, so he can't be an "Omen" baby). Which by my count erases the fact he was listening to that bootleg Wilco album yesterday. Yay Church!

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