Friday, May 11, 2007

One month down and Eli still has most of his fingers

Hey hey! We made it a month. And I have the picture documentation to prove it.

Man, he’s changed. Remember that scrunchy little George Bush man? Well, the George Bush looks have gone, but for some reason Eli is still hell bent on vetoing Iraqi legislation.

Overall, month number 1 has been pretty great. Yeah, I’ve had a couple 3a.m. discussions with Grover about the good old days. But I wouldn’t trade Eli for all the Star Wars action figures in the world. What? They’re still in the packaging? And you’re including 2 Boba Fetts? Hmm. Nope. I still go with Eli. He’s better than ten Boba Fetts.

I’m not exactly sure what Grover is doing to Eli in picture #2. I think he’s debating a little toe chewing. Don’t do it, Grover. Babies need all their toes. Yes, even the delicious, delicious pinky toe.

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