Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Diana vs Eli: Growth Spurt

I dunno if you non-parents out there realise, but the first couple of weeks a baby needs to eat every two hours. But get this. They need to eat two hours from the START of the last feeding. So let's say Eli needs to eat. Di feeds him for anywhere between a half our and an hour. Then he needs to get his diaper changed. That can take upwards of ten minutes, depending on if he tries to take you out, pee pee style. Then there's the rocking and consoling. That can be five minutes or 15 minutes depending on how angry he is.

So, let's do the math. That leaves Diana minus a half hour to sleep.

Oh, did I mention that Eli is currently in a growth spurt? He currently wants to eat every hour and a half.

Diana's only defense is dressing him in green striped socks, which makes him look ridiculous.

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