Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Foot, The Lock Ness Monster, Eli’s smiles.

Eli is on the verge of becoming a smiley guy. But right now it’s kind of tough to get him to smile on demand. You have to be patient. And prepared to look and act like a complete moron. The more moronic you act, the better your chances he’ll bestow a smile on you. These are particularly rare on days like today when he’s all acidy and gassy. But it does happen.

However, it is nearly impossible to capture an Eli smile on camera. I find myself sounding a lot like a Big Foot kook. “’Twas early morn’ I tells ya. Fog was everywhere. But then, out of the bushes I saws it. The elusive Eli smile. I tried to snap a picture, but he was back to barfing formula all over me in the blink of an eye." Enjoy this almost Eli smile.

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