Tuesday, May 22, 2007


On top of the rest of Eli’s woes, he has a raging case of zits. Which is hilarious combined with his newfound chubbiness. In the right light he looks like a computer hacker. All he needs is a few empty bags of Doritos and a couple Dungeons and Dragons figurines.

But fear not, little pizza face! I just talked with my friend Pat Hanna, and he agreed to let Eli take his daughter Noley to the 2024 prom. Take a look at that photo. Ha cha cha. You can thank me by not peeing on me tonight, son.

Here are the terms Pat Hanna and I agreed to for Prom 2024:

1) Eli will pay for all space limo rides.
2) Noley is responsible for her own space corsage.
3) If Prom is on Earth, Eli will pay for dinner. If it’s on Mars, they go Dutch.
4) There will be no space hanky panky. Any monkey business and both kids get space grounded.
5) No space beer, no space pot.
6) Oh, and I promised that Eli wouldn’t wear one of those t-shirts that look like a tuxedo. That’s just bad taste.

Whew. Thank goodness that’s taken care of.

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TeacherRefPoet said...

You know, when I was a boy, we didn't have space limos. We had to take jet packs to Prom.

Great blog (just read the whole stinkin' thing). I admire your pee-dodging skill and Diana's John Wayne-like grit. And I hope the whole acid-reflux thing mellows.

Belated congrats to all four of you (not leaving Grover out), and best wishes.

--Uncle Dick's younger son