Monday, May 7, 2007


OK. So I’m over my depression of being away from Elijah and Diana. I wonder if it’s because I got a report that Eli is crying constantly today.

But I realized that I forgot to report on a major milestone over the weekend. Eli’s first bath!

Let me tell you, the man was filthy. Three weeks is a long time without a real bath. I was beginning to think we were going to have to start putting car parts on our lawn and wearing trucker hats.

But, once the belly button came off we gave the little stinkpot a bath.

Ah, first time parents. It took us an hour to get prepared. We had the baby tub. We had two, count ‘em two, kinds of baby soap. We had two different pouring things. We had a complicated thermometer (hot water burn baby – Rainman).

And what does the little bundle of joy do as soon as he stick him in the tub? He immediately defecates and urinates. He was dirtier when we took him out.

p.s. I’m writing from work and don’t have access to the cute Eli bath pictures. So enjoy these iguanas.

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