Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yale vs Harvard

I kicked Diana out of the house last night. She needed some non Eli, adult woman friend time, so I left her in the capable hands of Kitty Vineyard. She pretended to go reluctantly, but I think she inhaled the hours out of the house like an addict.

My brother Steve and best friend Tom have this uncanny ability to sense when Diana is out of the house. And an even greater ability to sniff out when I have more than 2 beers in my fridge. So the minute Diana and Kitty shut the door and I sat on the couch, they burst through the door like Lenny and Squiggy. "Hello..."

They chose a great night to hang out because Eli was more alert and happy than ever. He sat in his vibrating chair, silently contemplating, kicking and punching like a tiny Chuck Norris. I took this opportunity to show off Eli's new skills. "Hey guys. Hey Guys. Look. Eli can follow this bear with his eyes! Hey guys. Hey Guys. Look. Eli looks like he's saying, 'No.' Isn't that hilarious? Guys, Eli just farted..."

Steve and Tom took it very well. They'd look over from the Bulls game and say encouraging things like, "Yep. He's a genius alright. Better save your money for Harvard." Steve (already a father) went so far as holding Eli when he had a 2 minute fussy spell. Tom prefers a good three feet safe distance zone.

Diana arrived home a little earlier than I thought. She missed her son. And by the look on his face when she spoke to him, the feeling was mutual.

p.s. Today's picture is the shape of puke Eli left on my favorite t-shirt yesterday.

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