Friday, June 22, 2007


Elijah’s doctor recommended we take him to a specialist for his acid stomach. Partly because she exhausted all her options and partly to get us to stop calling every three days and saying, “Well, your suggestions don’t work, lady. Listen to this!” And then we’d hold the phone up to a crying Eli.

So she set us up with a “tummy specialist.“ That’s what it says on the doctor’s business card. Now, being a kid focused doctor, I know you want to have some kid friendliness in your practice. That way parent/kids don’t get any more freaked out than they already are. But come on. Tummy? That doesn’t really inspire confidence. I kept thinking the doctor was going to leap into the room on a pony and make balloon animals.

But no, the doctor was totally professional and had tons of great suggestions for Eli’s stomach. The great news is Eli doesn’t need any drastic procedures, like surgery. And the, ahem, tummy doctor said his condition will most likely go away at 6 months.

Today’s picture is from the world famous artist, Steve Hamann. It’s great to have a talented guy like that around. He called and asked what my next post was going to be about and within an hour he rattled off this masterpiece. Although I’m a little scared of the X-Ray image. Steve says it’s an X-Ray of a mouse. I don’t know why, you ask him.

p.s. Diana loves our pediatrician, who is extremely cool and calls us on her personal time to see how Elijah is doing. Diana hates it when I blame our pediatrician for Elijah’s acid stomach. My characterization of her is entirely fictional.

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