Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Happy

A few readers have commented that my last post was a bit on the angry/bitter side. Yeah, now that I read it again it does seem a little nasty. I just missed my boy. But today, I’m dedicating the post to all things that make me happy. In list form for your convenience, but in no particular order.

1.When Eli is done with a bottle, he’ll crack this smile with the nipple in his mouth. It makes him look like a Texas billionaire chomping on a cigar.

2. Diana sometimes tries to get Elijah to sleep for five more minutes in the morning by placing him “stomach to stomach” with her. It works sometimes. But other times, he gets really mad and bounces his head up and down on Diana’s chest. Hilarious.

3. There are 2 lions and 1 elephant on Eli’s bouncy chair that hang down right at eye level. At times, he becomes extremely interested in them, to the point where you can’t get him to look away. I wonder if they’re giving him instructions.

4. Elijah, like his mother, takes particular joy in being naked. Sometimes when I’m changing him I’ll let him linger for a few seconds, sans diaper. I do this only when I’m sure he’s not going to take a shot at me. His face lights up when he gets to go “free and easy.”

5. Occasionally, when I’m feeding him he’ll reach up and grab one of my fingers. There’s nothing funny I can write about that. It’s simply cute.

6. Elijah is out of his tiny tiny faze, so he can actually wear things other than onsies. Which means kick ass stuff like an outfit that makes him look like a panda and another one that says “I’m a lion and I roar.” When he’s 14, he’ll be mortified that we have photographic evidence of these.

There. I feel better already.

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