Sunday, June 3, 2007

Date Night

Over the last month and a half, dinner for Di and I usually meant cramming something down our throats on the way to our little crying guy. And entertainment meant pretending to be awake for CSI: Little Rock. It dawned on us that counting the last two months of the pregnancy when Diana felt too bloated to leave the house, we hadn’t been out on a date since 1964.

Enter: The Grandparents. Don and Sheila Jacklich graciously came by last night to watch Elijah while Diana and I went out to a real, cooked by someone else, meal and a movie. Considering the fact that the Jackliches had to drive over an hour to get here, we opted for a 6:30 movie, which meant we ate at 4:30 with Evanston’s retired population. I was dressed in my white belt and matching white shoes and Di wore a lovely broach.

We felt the need to leave ten pages of detailed Eli instructions for two people who raised 5 kids on their own. And during the movie I secretly held my cell phone in case there was an emergency.

Of course everything went swimmingly. Or at least that’s what Don and Sheila said. I suspect Eli had a few minutes of screaming, but the g-rents would never admit it so as not to lose their baby privileges.

p.s. I told Don and Sheila “no parties,” but I found an empty keg cup on the back porch. For shame.

p.s.s. Stop what you are doing and go see “Knocked Up.” Funniest* movie of the year.

*If you enjoy stoner gross out humor.

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