Monday, June 11, 2007

This chopped liver is delicious

Despite having a boiling caldron of a stomach, Eli is starting to sleep a lot better. Yeah, he still gets up three times a night to eat. But I’ll take three times a night over, say a hundred and thirty.

This morning I heard Eli and Diana upstairs taking care of some pee pee diapers. I found them having a cute conversation on the changing table (I think they were talking about last night’s Sopranos. Or fluffy bunnies.). Eli is at his happiest in the early morning hours and he was smiling up a storm. I wanted to get in on that action, so I ran over and shoved my face in his face and made my best idiot sounds so I could get me some smiles.

I’m not joking here, people. Eli actually craned his neck so he could look past me at Diana. He has got a major crush on his mommy.

I looked down at Grover and said, “I feel your pain, boy.” Grover looked at me as if to say, “I knew you’d be back. Now go get me a tennis ball.”

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