Friday, June 15, 2007

Hide Your Baby At Work Day!

Diana had an eye appointment downtown today. So rather than make Pam watch him (again), or Leah (again again), we decided to introduce the little guy to his first soulless corporation. It was Hide Your Baby At Work Day!

I will not lie to you people. I was petrified at the prospect of bringing my innocent child into this den of advertising. I think babies have 6th sense for evil. I thought he was going to freak out like that gorilla in “The Omen.” So much despair can’t be good for a 2 month old.

Of course, Elijah proved me wrong. He calmly stared up at the florescent lights and was vaguely interested in the various ad banter. Here’s how the ad people reacted :

Hipster ad guys with slim fitting jeans and expensive t-shirts avoided him like the plague. They’d walk by and say, “Ohh, a baby. How original.”

The young, pre married ad chicks with their crazy hair and equally slim jeans clutched their ovaries and moaned, “I neeed a baby…”

The bitter creative directors with their desperate attempts to look young (slim jeans) acted really kind to Eli, but then said things like, “Sure he’s cute now, but give him 15 years he’ll be drinking beer bongs like my good for nothing son…”

I could not get him out of here fast enough. Diana already scheduled an exorcism with the priests down the street.

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dennis said...

We don't wear slim jeans at Element 79.

Perhaps, for obvious reasons.