Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sleep Is For Suckers

Elijah made another gigantic baby evolutionary leap over the weekend. He can now pull himself up. It’s really exciting and he seems poised to be on track to walking any month now.

But this recent bout of developmental speediness has a major drawback. Eli doesn’t want to sleep anymore.

Look at it from his standpoint. First, his world just expanded exponentially. If your active area was three feet by three feet, sleep would be a nice change of pace from the sheer boredom. But now he wants to get out and explore all the possibilities of the house. Possibilities like knife drawers, electrical sockets and back stairwells.

And at the end of a big day, he isn’t looking at his desk calendar thinking, “Oh, boy. I do have a tough day tomorrow. Better recharge the old batteries…” He’s thinking, “Sleep is for suckers. I need to see about yanking that phone off the bedside table.”

Getting his point across is the tough part. He figured out a while ago that if he screams bloody murder, we’ll come running. So at 4am, 5am, 6am he will howl like Grover is chewing his tootsies. Diana will run into his room just to prevent our neighbors from calling the police.

But that just reinforces his “scream = mom” mathematics.

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