Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eli The Daredevil

The list of things that make Elijah laugh like a lunatic is as follows (in order):

1. Diana saying anything.
2. Grover fighting the urge to bite him.
3. Being upside down.

He can be as angry as a snake (missed nap, hungry, cold, wet), but if you grab him by his ankles and swing him, he’ll howl with laughter.

Which leads me to believe, combined with his attraction to power cords, that we have a tiny daredevil on our hands.

Let me paint you a picture from yesterday. Diana and Eli and Grover were playing upstairs in Eli’s room. Diana realized that she desperately needed to put some clothes in the dryer or else her husband Rick was gonna be sore when he got home.

So she surrounded the boy with blinking things, locked the baby gate and ran as fast as she could to the laundry room. I’d say a grand total of five minutes passed before she came back upstairs.

She discovered our son had unlocked the baby gate and was sitting on the top stair, swinging the gate out over the abyss. A loss of balance would have meant baby ass over teakettle all the way down the stairs. She could see Grover egging him on. “Come on…I triple dog dare you to hold on with just a pinkie…it’ll be fun…”

Luckily for us, Eli doesn’t speak dog.

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