Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eli: 1 Marianna: 0

I rushed home last night from work because it was one of the few days where my stress level wasn’t heart attack inducing and I wanted to celebrate by eating my favorite Diana’s-at-work dinner: “The Third Grader.” The Third Grader is fish sticks and tater tots and green peas. The only thing missing is the mini carton of chocolate milk.

But before I could create my feast, I had to relieve Marianna and get the Elijah download. She described in great detail how smart he is and how sweet he is and how he’s standing and babbling and is developing a great sense of humor.

But then she hesitated.

What? What happened? Did he fall down the stairs? Did he finally find Grover’s breaking point? Did learn how to juggle?

Marianna got red faced. “When I bathe Elijah…he…he…PEED ON ME!”

I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed for herself or Eli. But I couldn’t keep from laughing. She assured me this was a rite of passage for her and all her babysit-ees. But apparently, she shrieked (because, oh I don’t know, someone was urinating on her), and he shrieked (because she shrieked). Everybody shrieked.

After she left for home I sat back and remarked to Grover that we have both made it 10 months officially without being peed on. If I have one goal in life, it is not to be peed on by my offspring. Grover sighed in agreement.

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