Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Head-butt ever.

As his parent, I am pre-disposed to thinking Elijah is cute. But Diana is finding when they’re out running errands that the general public agrees wholeheartedly. They can’t walk into Target without at least one person stopping them to marvel at our little guy. At which point Diana will produce a switchblade and say, “I’d like to see you try and take him.”

But one of the unfortunate (for him) side effects of being so unbelievably cute is everyone from his grandmother to Grover wants a hug. It’s as if we think his cuteness may rub off if we manhandle him.

But here’s the rub: Eli hates being hugged.

If you grab him and try to snuggle, he’ll act like a cat thrust into water. He’ll shove and kick, he’ll cram his fingers into your nose and mouth and try to leap from your arms.

It’s not that he’s unaffectionate. He’ll smile at an ax-wielding maniac.

But when he’s really feeling in the mood, he’ll give you the greatest gift ever: the head-butt.

If you’re lying on the floor watching reruns of The Daily Show, he’ll crawl over and gently lay his head on your head. Or on your shoulder. And then your heart explodes with love.

At which point I am tempted to hug him. And he tries to escape to the nearest dog dish, cord or stereo.

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