Wednesday, February 6, 2008


How many times a day do you use the “s” sound? A hundred? A thousand? Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. There. I just used it 8 times.

Well, Elijah just discovered the “S.” Which will come in handy if he wants to say, uh, “salad.” Or, uh, “Sandwich.” Can you tell my brain has been burned by too much thinking about clever advertising?

Back to the boy. Di was changing him yesterday and he started with the snake sound. Di decided to “Sss” him back. Apparently the “S” is the funniest sound in the history of baby babble, because the report is he couldn’t stop laughing during their call and response “S” rap.

Here’s something that I’ve been toying with. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we counted every time Elijah used the “S” sound from on? We could keep a log of “S.” I bet we could get a government grant. Doesn’t the government need to know how many times we say “S?” I think so. For national…”S”ecurity. Bam! I still got it.

But that would involve following him around constantly listening to every time he says the magic letter. At school. On the toilet. On dates. At his wedding. It would be a lifetime of work for a letter that really is the poor man’s “R.”

Yeah. When he gets to “R” we’ll talk.

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