Monday, October 29, 2007


I got to spend a non-working weekend with the family and man, it was fu-un. Elijah still looks at Di and me like we’re the two greatest people on the face of the Earth and I’m not about to shatter his worldview just yet.

Lately, Eli’s favorite activity is flying. If you lift him over your head, he lets out cackles of joy. If you add airplane or Superman noises, forget about it. The only danger is the occasional string of drool. Until Saturday.

Like most men, I prefer to select one outfit and go with it all weekend. Blue jeans, blue John Belushi “College” sweatshirt, mismatched Vans tennis shoes, see you Monday morning. Shower? No thank you.

Di was trying to have a real conversation on the phone with a real adult Saturday. I tried to distract her by flying Eli all over the kitchen. Then I got the brilliant idea of adding twirling to the fun. Round and round. Can you see where this is going?


He may be a large for his age, but I had no idea his stomach could hold so much. Hair, Belushi sweatshirt, jeans, t-shirt, underwear. All covered.

But I still managed to make it through the weekend in the same clothes. Ask Diana. I’m a real prize.

p.s. We had to take poor Grover to the animal hospital over the weekend. He hurt his little paw-thumb and needed bandages. We tell people he’s going as Seabiscuit for Halloween.

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