Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My love

Before I had a son, one of my friends who was a father said, “Having a baby really makes you realize your capacity for love…” I nodded and slowly backed away, dialing the insane asylum on my cell phone. Yeah, I have the number for the insane asylum on my cell phone. You’ve met my brother Steve, haven’t you?

Back to me. I’ve found over the last six months that my friend was right. I simply love Elijah. I couldn’t imagine life without him spitting on me, screaming in my ear and poking my eyeballs. He can do no wrong in my eyes. Hmm. That feels like foreshadowing for something that will happen 5 years from now.

But you know what else? My capacity for love of Diana has skyrocketed now that she’s Eli’s mom. Yeah yeah yeah, I loved her before. I mean, I asked her to marry me. But now, when I catch her singing a ridiculous song while changing his diaper, I buckle over with love. And when she uses her silly Eli voice (which consists of lowering her voice an octave and saying “Tummy Time” repeatedly), I look over at Grover and say, “Can you believe I get to be married to this woman?”

And then Grover looks at me as if to say, “Wait a minute. I thought I was married to her…” And then Grover and I have a knife fight.

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