Sunday, October 14, 2007

6 Months

The little hand is on October and the big hand is on the 14th. Do you know what that means? It’s Elijah Steven Hamann’s six month birthday! Can you freaking believe it?

Six months is the perfect opportunity to do a clip show. It’ll give you new readers a chance to catch up. Cue the harp music…

Remember when we thought Eli was a girl? It was a lot harder to get used to a child with a wang than we thought.

Remember when Eli pooped so hard he hit the dresser 3 feet away? Which was the first of many many scatological entries on the blog.

Remember when he looked like George Bush? There wasn’t a plastic surgeon on the planet who would return our calls.

Remember when Eli had terrible eye boogers? Remember when Eli had terrible regular boogers?

Remember when Elijah decided he hated being outside of the womb? Remember when Eli had terrible acid stomach? In a related blog, remember when I chucked a bottle across the house out of frustration? That goes into my father of the year essay.

Remember when I hid Elijah’s belly button on Di’s computer? It still hasn’t turned up.

Remember when Eli barfed down my back and Grover ate it? They’ve been friends ever since.

Remember when Eli grew his Hamann belly? Grandpa Al is smiling down on us.

Remember when he screamed his way through the 4th of July?

Remember his disgusting cradle cap head? I just got the shivers.

Remember when he stared laughing? It was like discovering ice cream tastes good.

Remember when Grover knocked Eli over in his stroller? I’m gonna put that up as Worst Trip To Starbucks Ever.

Remember when Elijah got his first fever and we loaded him up with so much Tylenol he slept through the night?

Remember when Eli decided he was going to be a happy baby? In a related note, remember when the clouds parted and the sun came out?

Remember when Diana had terrible ear surgery and I had to assume the role of caretaker? Remember when everyone stepped up and protected Elijah from my role of caretaker?

Remember when he started rolling over? Remember when I worked so much that I didn’t get to see him roll over?

Remember when he turned six months old? Wait…

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. It’s been a pleasure taking you along for the ride.

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