Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blinded By Science

The last HamannEggs post included the sentence “As soon as he realized they had X &Y chromosomes he turned on the charm.”

I received several emails and posts pointing out the fact that women have 2 X Chromosomes, not an X&Y. Fact checkers, thank you for the catch. The post has officially been revised.

Your reward is today’s hilarious Eli picture. While you’re checking, here are some other science facts I’m planning on using in future posts:

Thunder is bowling matches in Heaven.

Penguins live underground and speak Spanglish.

Uncle Dick Hamann was a Podiatrist.

Electricity was discovered by The Maytag Repair Man.

The Periodical symbol for Bacon is “Bn.”

Our universe could, like, totally be an atom in some giant’s fingernail.