Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

My dad called while I was walking Grover the other day. In the midst of our usual “Ain’t Elijah cute” banter he asked me if I felt like time was going fast.

And yeah, aside from the occasional 3-4am when time stands still, these last six months have flown by. Take today’s picture. Yeah, I know Eli is freakishly tall (mental note, install basketball hoop in living room) but he looks like a little boy already. I sometimes get a panicky feeling that his childhood is going to be over too fast. Like I’m going to look into his crib tonight and he’ll be shaving while reading Keats and drinking a martini.

If only there was some way of documenting every tiny detail of his life, complete with pictures. Possibly on the internet. And with a title that's a lame word play.

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