Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hello there

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My job keeps me at the office until ridiculous hours at night. The only thing that keeps me going is horribly embarrassing photos like today’s.

Speaking of night, we have a new nap schedule for the boy and its resulting in less all nighters. And even the occasional sleep past 5a.m.

But we still like to bring him in the bed for some “Boo” and spit time before I have to get up and at ‘em.

Elijah is still at that stage where he doesn’t really know a lot about what’s happening outside of his eye range. He’ll look over at me and give a big smile. Then Diana will say something and he’ll look over at her, with a look that says, “Well hello there. Aren’t you the lady I came out of?” Then he’ll look over at me with a look that says, “Oh, when did you come in? Aren’t you the guy with the hilarious Boo joke?” Then he’ll hear Di and start it all over again. “Nice of you to join us…” Meanwhile, Grover paces back and forth with a look that says, “Hello? Dog with a full bladder over here!”

Eli also adds a bit of eye hand coordination. He’ll grab my nose. Or Di’s nose, or pull the rare and awesome double nose grab. He also has, on occasion, grabbed my Adam’s Apple. Hard. Hard enough to close all the wind off except enough for me to whisper, “Don’t…kill…me…son.”

He’s surprisingly strong.

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