Friday, October 26, 2007

Eli: 1 Bumbo: 0.

Take a look at a few of the last posts on Hamanneggs. You know that green thing Elijah is sitting in for, oh I don’t know, 99.9% of the photos? It’s called a “Bumbo.” The Bumbo corporation just recalled all of their products because babies fall out and smash their skulls. Particularly when the baby is seated in a Bumbo on a table or a kitchen counter.

Take another look at those past posts. Most of the time, ahem, Eli is perched on top of our kitchen counter. Duh…me father. Me care for tiny human. Duh.

Diana actually did a test with Eli and the Bumbo. She let him squirm around in it (On the ground, DCFS speed dialers). And sure enough, he managed to flip out of it and into Diana’s arms.

On a completely unrelated head smasher note, Eli popped out of his bouncy seat yesterday. Thankfully, he was on the floor and didn’t fall far. And he landed on carpet, and not onto the hard floor. Or onto broken glass. Or onto thumbtacks. Or onto a pile of tarantulas.

From now on he will be strapped tightly into his high chair. Or tightly onto Grover.

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