Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Halloween

In a cosmic event rarer than a solar eclipse, I was able to launch my escape pod from work and be home in time to see Elijah’s first Halloween. You can see from the blindingly cute photos that it was worth my while. We took no less than 100 photos last night. All in the hopes Eli would smile in his Tigger costume. I think we got 1.5. The fact that it was 1,000 degrees in the thing didn’t help.

Eli semi enjoyed the 14 Spiderman costumes that came to our door. By which I mean he didn’t freak out. And he was particularly interested in Skittles packaging. Little did he know the awesome artificial flavors hidden inside.

But in true Elijah fashion, as soon as the little hand hit six he came to the conclusion that Halloween was dumb and demanded bed.

And thus, revealed the flaw in our Halloween plans.

Uh, Eli’s bedroom is right over our front door. And in order for the next 14 children in Spiderman costumes to get at our bowl of candy, they had to ring our doorbell. Which caused Grover to bark his halfhearted attempt at protecting us. Which caused Elijah to wake up and scream his head off.

Thankfully, the chaos ended at 8pm, per order from Evanston’s mayor. And Di and I sat down to a blood red glass of Pino Noir. Boooo!

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