Monday, November 12, 2007

First Fish

My ideal weekend activity involves the awesome combination of wearing sweatpants and scratching myself through sweatpants.

In an attempt to prevent Eli from turning into a sweatpant scratcher, Diana suggested we actually get out of the house last weekend. Namely, the Chicago Shed Aquarium. I was instantly into it. No, not because I didn’t have a choice. But because Elijah had never seen a fish before and this would be a big first. Up until this point, Eli must have thought the only animals on the planet are big, clumsy dogs.

We brilliantly scheduled this family activity in the exact three hours between his naps, to prevent angry ear pulling. After driving in from Evanston (cue Beverly Hillbillies theme), we arrived at the Shed entrance and realized we shared our get out of the house idea with roughly 100,000 other families. The crush of humanity made me get a serious facial tick. But the Shed got us in super fast (they have a special line for strollers, but that meant we had to hang out with a billion pushy moms and two billion kids asking where Nemo was).

I gotta say, I thought Eli would poo poo the aquarium, but he was into it. He loved the fish and, um, other fish. But he mostly loved Diana and I saying, “Ohhh…fish” over and over. Truth be told, after a half hour he got bored and became very interested in my jacket zipper. But we definitely got our $32 worth.

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