Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where He Gets It

The other day, Diana and Elijah were playing in the back yard. The weather was nice, but chilly. 47 degrees. Eli was engaged in some high-level dirt pushing, so Di decided to run in and check email. From our office window, she has a complete view of the yard, so there wasn’t too much mischief he could get into. Yessiree. No trouble for that boy. None at all.

Of course once Eli thought the coast was clear, he immediately ripped off all his clothes. By the time Diana ran outside, he was stark naked and shivering. Knowing he was in trouble, he waved his hand frantically while yelling, “Hi!” and “Funny!”

Then I got this email from Diana:

“It summoned my own toddler days, when my Mom received the "’Your baby is naked in my front lawn romping on a pile of leaves.’"

So all this time it was just a mutant nude gene he got from his mother. Anyone who knew Diana during her hippie dippie Grateful Dead days came to this same conclusion months ago, I’m sure. But now I can gleefully say, “He gets it from you,” when we have to re-clothe him 5 times a night.

On a related note, my brother had to watch Eli while I was out of town last night and engaged in a heated nude battle of his own. Every time Steve left the room to grab a beer, Eli would frantically strip in the hopes he could be naked before Steve got back. Steve would catch him in the act and shout, “Hey! I don’t want to see that!” And Eli would reluctantly get dressed.

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