Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Office Season 2

Every year, my office throws an Easter egg hunt on Good Friday. They cover the floors with chocolate and candy and then let employees’ kids grind them into the carpeting. Shortly after, our cleaning staff quits in mass.

This year, after much cajoling, Diana and Elijah joined me. They were both shocked when they arrived at the 24th floor.

Diana was surprised the walls were, in fact, not covered with blood, there were no boiling cauldrons and my cube neighbor was not Beelebub.

Elijah was equally surprised. He had no idea that my office was filled with candy, magicians and hundreds of kids. No wonder I spend so much time there.

Despite not having any refined sugar since his 1st birthday, he jumped on the floor and began collecting treasure. But, hilariously, he had no interest in actually eating booty. Or candy.

Suddenly, Diana and Elijah got a peek into my office life. People began begging me to attend meetings and approve stuff and write things. I would say, “Um…my family is here,” and attempt to introduce them. The offending employees would say, “Do you think your son could write a couple Porsche headlines?”

After being dragged into two consecutive impromptu meetings, I eventually tracked down my family. Diana was spinning Elijah round and round in my office chair. I thought, “That is the most fun that has ever happened in my cube.”

Eli then grabbed two month’s worth of work and threw it on the floor. I thought, “No, that is the most fun that has ever happened in my cube.”

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