Monday, April 13, 2009


Elijah turned two yesterday! Well, technically tomorrow. But in his mind it was yesterday. Allow me to set the Wayback machine to two weeks ago to explain.

Diana and I wrestled with the party vs. non-party for weeks and weeks.

On the non-party side, making your friends and family come over and shell out their hard earned yen for stuff Eli will more than likely chuck out the window is a tough sell. On top of that, Diana and I cannot possibly have a party without the proper party favors (booze), which means we would be spending way more than necessary in these, our troubled economic times.

On the party side, we were due for a party. And making your friends and family buy your kid toys dramatically increases the chances that he’ll get some cool Star Wars thing that I can co-opt for myself.

So we decided, yes, let’s have a party. We sent out cute electronic invitations and waited for the RSVPs to roll in. And roll in they did. In the negative. It seems in our excitement about having a party, we neglected to notice we scheduled the festivities on Easter Sunday. Who knew our families and friends would choose to celebrate the second most important day of the Christian calendar over eating a Finding Nemo cake and drinking tepid Sierra Nevada?

Luckily, Eli had no idea we were planning a party (dear Eli of the future, we’re sorry), so we scaled back to Diana’s parents, her brother and his future wife, and a surprise visit from Eli’s girlfriend Ryan (Rhona).

Yesterday morning, the day of the party, Diana informed me that we were officially telling Elijah that his birthday was Sunday, rather than his official April 14th, so as not to confuse him. Um, ok. He’s 2. I think we could tell him his birthday is every Thursday and is real father is Elmo and he wouldn’t be confused. The only potential problem is if he read about us lying to him in some kind of…um weblog.

Aside from the awesome APTBWSS Di’s dad and I put together, he got some cool books from Rhona, and a kick butt toy piano and outside water thingy from Di’s parents.

But in true so cliché it should be stitched into a pillow fashion, his favorite present was two helium balloons purchased on a whim at Dominicks. He refused to release them from his sticky hands for the last 48 hours and inquires about them constantly when not in the same room. “Ah ba-oons? Ah ba-oons?”

This is usually the point where I break down and write a super mushy paragraph about how much I love Eli. This entry is a bit long and his real birthday isn’t until tomorrow. So expect a lamer than usual post tomorrow.

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