Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I got back from a meeting today and heard this message from Diana and Elijah on speakerphone:

“Hey, we’re going to the aquarium today! Elijah, tell your dad what we’re going to see at the aquarium today!”


“Tell you dada what we’re doing to see today.”


“We’re going to see sharks. Tell your dada we’re going to see sharks!”


A few hours later I asked Diana for my blog download. You know, those little tidbits that translate into things I can make fun of but really use as an excuse to talk about myself.

“Just say he was the cutest boy at the aquarium.” Yeah, the Hamanneggs readership is dying for the scoop that our son is cute.

After demanding (whining) for more details I got some gems.

Apparently his archenemy was a giant ray that kept scaring him by swimming by when he engrossed in tiny fish.

Eli butted his way to the front of a pack of East Indian girls to get a better view of a fish tank. Rather than beat him to a pulp, they descended on him, petting him and stroking his hair. Technically, this counts as “just say he was the cutest boy at the aquarium,” but it has added creepiness to make it blog-worthy.

And to top if off in a Sitcom “Aww” moment, when Diana and Eli finally got to the celebrated shark tank, Eli crawled into Di’s arms and promptly fell asleep.

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