Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Walking Is For Suckers

After a massive leap in physical development, Elijah has decided he’d rather not walk anymore. Here he was Sunday, wobbling around, clearly getting the hang of being a biped and then, poof, he decides walking is dumb.

I could not, and cannot get him to walk anymore. This morning I’d lift him on his feet, get him in a standing position and then watch as he melted to the floor.

Diana said all day yesterday he’d stand in a pre-walk position and Diana would lure him towards her with $1,000. Eli would then get a poo-eating grin on his face and dive towards the floor to crawl over. The little stinker is clearly doing it to get under our skin.

But I am willing to look past this little mind game because I am fast moving to the top of Eli’s favorite things to smooch. He gives me kisses on demand. Granted, I usually grab him in a bear hug and bellow, “Kiss me!” in his face. And the only way I’ll let him down is if I get a little sugar. But then he’ll purse his lips and give me a peck. Which, as I’ve said before, is the cutest thing ever.

I did take demented comfort in the fact that our friend Kitty was over all day yesterday and couldn’t get one kiss.

p.s. Today’s photo is of my old partner Matt’s kid, Parker. Matt’s moving to Atlanta, leaving Eli Parker-less. We’ll miss ye, Spetts.

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