Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cynicism Takes a Holiday

The minute you stop trying to be an uber hip advertising guy who looks down his nose at anything that hasn’t been rubber stamped by the skinny jeans wearing arbiters of cool (music critics), the Wisconsin Dells are pretty freakin awesome.

Di, Elijah and I saw a storybook theme park that had been repurposed as a zoo. Di got to ride a military vehicle slash tourist bus. I got to see the world’s largest water park and ride something called the “Black Anaconda” without even once making the obvious joke. We ate at a place called “Famous Daves” where the walls were covered with photos of famous people superimposed with the owner’s image. I got to get drunk with a Frenchman and a giant Atlantan.

As I was driving through Wisconsin to the “Christmas Mountain Village Resort,” with Diana and Eli sleeping in the back and a million bugs smashing the windshield, I was suddenly struck by the dadness of the whole thing. And I could actually feel my inner cynic pack his bags and hang a note on the door reading, “Be back to making fun of everything in a few days.”

There are lots of stories. One involving me and Eli spending the night in our car not ten feet from our cabin.

I’ll get to that in a day or so. Stay tuned.

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