Friday, July 4, 2008

First Sentence. But Not Really.

So Elijah is on the mend. Quite frankly, I’m not sure anymore that he has Hoof, Eyeball and Nipple Disease. Our doctor never bothers with which virus he has. She just looks at his blood, announces, “It’s a virus. There’s nothing you can do.” And then sends us on our merry way. So that leaves us to self diagnose which fever-y, sore filled ailment he really has through the use of the always reliable interweb and even more reliable parenting books from the 1940’s.

His symptoms all pointed to Earlobe, Fingernail and Elbow Disease. But now he has a rash that covers his whole body, which, according to the book “Just Try Leeches. An Old Timey Parent’s Guide,” doesn’t add up to…uh, Pick Three Funny Body Parts Disease.

But whatever, he feels much better and doesn’t feel like communicating only through screams.

Di’s Frenchy Sister and her two cuter than cute Frenchy boys arrived in America just in time to celebrate July 4th, and remind themselves why they live in France. So Di took a still angry and sick Eli out to the ‘Laws yesterday.

Now, Grover and Di’s mom Sheila have an ongoing feud. She is a gardening ace and her backyard is always filled with various green things. It just so happens that Grover’s favorite place to lie down is in green things. So whenever he visits, he destroys most of Sheila’s garden.

Apparently, yesterday Grover was in the middle of crushing Sheila’s hobby when the entire family started yelling, “Grover! Down! Grover! Down!” I like to imagine Grover looking at them with his patented, “Me no speak human” look.

Suddenly, Eli looked up from his screaming and said, “Gro! Duh!”

First sentence? I guess you can’t technically call it a full fledged noun, verb combo because he was repeating.

But sheesh. That’s pretty good. Yelling at Grover is a pretty big step.

Oops, I hear Eli screaming in his crib. It may be a resurgence of Butt Butt and Butt disease.

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