Friday, July 25, 2008


I feel bad about the blog this week. Being out of town makes it hard to write hilarious things about Elijah because: a) Driving four hours a day to the middle of nowhere to shoot a secret sports car is bad for blogging. My co-workers don’t like me balancing my computer on the steering wheel. b) Whenever I asked Diana if something funny happened with Elijah, she always says, “He is perfect. I love him completely.” Yawn. There is only so many times a week I can write about how much Diana loves our son.

And now I’m going on vacation next week and won’t be taking my computer. So you HamannEggs fans will be blog-less for another week. That is not a good way to keep readership up.

Let’s see if I can think of anything to tide you over. Hmm. Eli can walk. That’s old news. What else? Eli still poops. Oh I got one!

Diana now keeps a list of Elijah’s vocabulary on our fancy new chalkboard fridge. But I think she’s doing it to show off the chalkboard. Let’s see if I can remember them.

1. Mama.
2. Dada.
3. Hot.
4. Bye bye.
5. Night night.
6. Gro (ver).
7. Hi.
8. Up.
9. Sit.
10. Uh-oh.

Now, I’m no vocabularist, but I don’t think he needs any other words. You can get by just fine with those ten. Let say someone asks you who is married to your dad. Or you shake hands with someone made out of fire. STOP THE PRESSES. I just talked to Diana. Apparently Eli added a new word today. Car! He says “car” now.

See? Today isn’t devoid of news after all.

I promise to blog lots after we get back from vaca. Oh, and I don’t have any new Eli photos. So I’ll have to dig back and get a classic Eli shot.

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