Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eli the Actor

Anyone who can even get a passing grade in HamannEggs 101 knows that Diana, before she became the greatest mom in the history of Momdom, before she became the Wine Goddess, was an actor.

She brought the house down as Annie. She was in “Rudy” and had to fend off the advances of John Favreau. She starred in her dad’s production on “Love Song.” She even starred in a now famous (to us) Irish cheese commercial.

Well, it seems like the old acting bug runs in the family.

Since I’ve been up to my ears in Germans this week (as evidenced by my complete lack of keeping up with the blog), I offered to give Di a break and take Eli to the library today so Di could turn our fridge into a chalkboard (don’t ask).

So Elijah spent an hour throwing books at timid children and moms. And he tortured an extremely cute and awkwardly brace faced teen girl who dared to read atop Elijah’s favorite oversized bear. “Mithter. Isth it ok that he’sth crawling all over me?”

But then we saw the puppet theatre. There is a plywood box affixed with a shaggy curtain in the corner of the library. Behind rests a box filled with the ickiest puppets ever to find their way into a kid’s mouth.

A 10 year old kid was putting on a puppet show for his dad and Eli instantly ran over to the show. After clapping ecstatically for a few minutes, Eli ran round to the back and shoved the kid out of the way. I tried to intervene, but the kid’s dad thanked Elijah for discouraging his son from the arts.

I then watched as Elijah put on his own puppet show. Starring himself. His play was hard to follow, but I think it had something to do with Mamma, Dadda, Gro Gro and Night Night.

On a completely unrelated, but totally related note, my dad spent some time with Eli yesterday and remarked, “Is it ok to call a boy gorgeous? Because he’s gorgeous.”

I’m thinking about spending the next 22 years pressuring him into becoming a famous movie star. Because they’re all balanced.

There has been a real lack of Eli photos, so today is Grover. Good boy.

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jane said...

Hi grover
Why don't you bring the human puppy and the human man and woman to Washington? Then you can jump over my chairs again, Love your human Grandma.