Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Makeout Artist

Diana bought Elijah a stuffed animal when he was sick. It’s kind of hard to describe. It’s like a big orange yarn ball with ears and a white face. It might be a dog. Or a cat. Or a badger. And, as with every stuffed animal we’ve bought him, he instantly discarded it for Grover to disembowel at his leisure.

Well, as of two days ago, Eli has taken a renewed interest in the dog/cat/badger. In the form of, well, making out with it.

Now, I’ve gone on record as saying things that Eli does is cute. Or cuter than cute. Or the cutest thing ever. But this stuffed animal smooching is freaking unbelievable. He’ll gently lift the dog/cat/badger to his face and look longingly into its dead eyes. Then he’ll gently, ever so gently, give it a kiss on its stitched lips.

He is clearly in love with this dog/cat/badger. And I support him 100%. If he wants me to march in the dog/cat/badger parade, I’ll be there. I’ll write my congressman to get dog/cat/badger marriage on the ballot. I'll have to get a “I love my dog/cat/badger loving son” bumper sticker for the Subaru.

I guess we’ll need to name this stuffed animal, since it’s part of the family now. I’m not sure how Lulu the stuffed Lamb is gonna take the news. My guess is she is gonna move out of the crib and start a torrid affair with Grover.

The great news is Eli is testing out his new kissing ability on Diana. Which she loves. Even if he’s secretly testing techniques to use on the dog/cat/badger.

I, as you can guess, have not been the recipient of the new Summer of Love. I tried to wrestle him into giving me a kiss today and the best I could muster was a brush of his lips on my shoulder. But I could tell he was thinking about the dog/cat/badger.


Diana said...

Um, it's clearly a lion.


Cragnolin said...

This thing looks like it's got Cheeto's growing out of it. So, I think Chester is a fitting name.