Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where’s Mommy?

If you look across all of the 2007 HamannEggs posts, you’ll notice some hilarious pictures of Eli. In various states of cuteness, poopiness, poutiness, cryiness. Which makes sense because it is mostly a blog about him.

And there are quite a few photos of me in the blog. Why? Could it be because I’m a self centered egomaniac who’s secretly writing the blog so he can read stories about himself disguised as stories about his son? That is a definite possibility. Let me ask myself about it and get back to you.

There is, however, a real lack of photos of Diana. Mostly because she’s the one who takes the majority of pictures in the house. Well, that isn’t very fair. This is supposed to be a family blog, not a men’s club. She makes up half of Eli’s genetic material. And she makes up roughly 99.99999% of Eli’s parenting. She should get a little bit of the press.

Well, that’s going to change. Starting now. Please enjoy today’s photo shoot of Eli and the greatest mom in the history of moms. The woman who changes poopy diapers. The woman who wakes up at 5am to change poopy diapers. The woman who feeds Eli, so Eli can make poopy diapers. The woman who has taught Eli where his nose is. The woman I love dearly.

Diana Jacklich Hamann.

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