Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finger Food

You’ll recall from last week’s report from the dog that Elijah has graduated up to finger food. Up until about yesterday, we were shoving finger food into his mouth because he didn’t really get the concept. But now, in a major evolutionary leap, he can feed himself!

What does he eat? Well, mostly “Veggie Booty.” If you don’t know what Veggie Booty is, you aren’t an overpaid liberal living in a major metro. Veggie Booty is this puffed stuff, not unlike Cheetos. But we would never, ever feed our child processed partially hydrated chemicals. Heavens no. They’d make us give back our Subaru. It’s all organic and has real vegetables baked in. And it makes us feel superior. To top it off, it costs a ridiculous amount of money at the hippie grocery store.

He also eats chopped up turkey, chopped up cheese (much to Grover’s delight) and I as I look into our kitchen, Diana is steaming some real vegetables as I write this. The kid’s poo is awesome.

To experience how he eats, go grab yourself some finger food. I’ll wait. Now, picking up food for a 9 month old is not easy, so open your mouth, and try to pick up your finger food with, say, your elbows and get the food in. It takes him about a minute to execute a food from plate to mouth maneuver. 9 times out of 10, the food falls to the waiting Grover hole.

It’s almost 2pm and he’s still working on breakfast.

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