Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snip Snip.

I debated calling attention to Elijah’s first haircut. The other night Diana took the scissors to Eli while he was squirming in his high chair. It seems as though his baby hair was getting out of control and, gasp, was in danger of falling unsightly around his ears. He was this close to losing the title of “CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD.” So Di grabbed the nearest shears and made the child presentable.

But does that count as a first haircut? I always thought a baby’s first haircut was supposed to be at a kid’s barber. With clowns and a rocket you sit in and some stupid name like “Cutie Clips.” And don’t we need a thousand photos of him freaking out and receiving a sucker for his troubles?

So no, I cannot officially call this a first haircut.

But it appears that the first haircut, er trim, was slightly crooked, which made Diana’s OCD go nuts. So last night Diana gave him another trim to even things out. I’m sure tonight he’ll get another trim to even out last night’s trim.

At this rate he’ll never need a real haircut.

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