Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cough Cough

So Elijah has a pretty bad cough. I don’t want to point fingers, but he caught it immediately after visiting his cousins at my dad’s house. Ahem. Fox? Finn? I’m looking at you. I stole today’s photo from Fox’s blog as retaliation. I believe I’ll be hearing from my brother Dave’s copyright lawyer any day now. But keep in mind, if you sue me for all of my money, we’re coming to live with you.

Where was I (the 2008 “Anyhoo”)? Oh, hacking coughs. He’s really feeling it in his chest. Whenever we hear him, Diana and I look at each other, then at the phone. To call the doctor or not? We try not to be those parents who call their doctor every time their kid looks cross eyed. Hmm, actually, crossed eyed babies are a great reason to call the doctor.

However, there goes a Jacklich family folk story about the time Diana’s mom waited to call the doc when her brother Mike had a hacking cough and he ended up getting pneumonia. THIS IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF DIANA’S MOM’S MOTHERING. SHE’S A GREAT AND CARING MOM. Whew. That was almost two lawsuits in one blog entry.

So, over Christmas break we broke down and called the doctor. “Does he have a fever?” No. “Is he sluggish?” No. “Has he stopped eating?” No. “Is he having trouble sleeping?” No. “Will you stop calling us for every tiny thing that happens to your soon to be hypochondriac son?”

Double no.

I’m feeling guilty that I’m using a stolen photo for today’s blog. So I’m including a picture of me and Grover in front of the Christmas tree.

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Fox Albert said...

Luck for you, my copyright lawyer has not finished law school yet ... but once he does, he'll be all over you like the snot on Fox's upper lip. Then you can come live with us.