Thursday, January 10, 2008

Floor: 1. Eli: 0.

It was never a matter of if Elijah was going to fall off his changing table, it was a matter of when. Thankfully, everything is ok. And even more thankfully, it didn’t happen on my watch.

Let me back up. Yesterday was a grand pain for Diana all around. She had to drive to City Hall to contest a pile of parking tickets. Plus our Subaru got a flat. Plus Grover decided to eat something from Planet Doggy Barf and decorated our basement in a most unappealing way.

Thankfully, our friend Kitty was available to babysit. Her first order of business was to change Eli’s diaper. Because she isn’t a full time mom, and because babies don’t come with instructions printed on their butts, she didn’t realize Eli likes to squirm around on the changing table.

So before Diana or Kitty could react, Eli succumbed to the unstoppable force known to Newton and third grade science students as gravity. According to Diana, both women leapt across the room in John Woo style slow motion while screaming, “Nooooooooooooo!” Bop. Baby down, baby down.

Luckily, he landed on his side and not his skull. And he landed on the carpet instead of our glass recycling. But he was very very upset. As was Kitty. As was Diana. Grover, I assume, was downstairs cursing the existence of delicious garbage.

Diana already had a nine month doctor appointment set up for Elijah today, so we’ll get the official word that Eli is ok. But based on his crawling and rolling this morning I think he’s going to be fine.

Time to buy some change table straps.

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