Saturday, January 12, 2008


It will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me that underneath the advertising haircut and Wilco bootlegs and ironic t-shirts beats the heart of a true nerd.

I can speak at great length on the back-story of the videogame Halo. I spent a large portion of my youth rolling twelve sided dice. I can make a good case on who would win in a fight between Thor and The Hulk. You get the picture.

Which brings me to Elijah. He does a dead on Chewbacca impersonation. You know, that half growl, half gurgle that Chewbacca does (if you do not know who Chewbacca is, feel free to re-read that blog entry about Eli falling off the changing table). So he’ll be resisting his nap, playing with Lulu the stuffed lamb in his crib and he’ll start growling away, Chewbacca style.

This from a kid who has never even seen Star Wars.

I turn to Diana and say, “He’s doing Chewy! He’s doing Chewy!” She nods slowly and thinks back to all her quarterback boyfriends from high school. Then I shout up to Eli’s room, “Watch out for Darth Vader, Chewy! I’ll pick you up in the Millennium Falcon!”

Diana then rummages through our kitchen mumbling, “There’s got to be some scotch around here somewhere…”

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Anonymous said...

Thor would win. So I can relate.
Nice post, and great blog.
Shit, I feel like a lazy dad now.