Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Me Write Good

Every once and a while I look back at my old HamannEggs posts to marvel at my hilarious descriptions of Elijah’s hilarious antics.

Today I looked at the last couple months’ worth and…wow. I can’t spell my way out of a wet paper sack. On some posts it looks like I’ve simply mashed the keyboard and called it a day.

I guess that’s what happens when you use a three year old half Poodle, half Golden Retriever as a proofreader.

So to all the teachers who read the post and gnash their teeth at my awful, awful spelling, not to mention the atrocious grammar, me sorry.

I’ll try to have some real, non-awful spelling posts soon. Until then, enjoy a photo of our awesome little person. And our proofreader. And now that you mention it, that's our awesome car in the background. Now, where is Diana?

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