Friday, December 7, 2007

Frosty The Thumb

Yeah yeah yeah, Elijah’s first snow was Thanksgiving. But that snow didn’t stick and it mostly just looked like white rain. White Rain? Isn’t that an affordable hair care product line featured at Target? Dear Target, please send my money in unmarked $100 bills.

Well, this week Evanston got pounded with snow. I think we are up to double digits of the white and fluffy. And as it turns out, Eli LOVES snow. Every time Di takes him out for a walk with Grover, he laughs hysterically. Like God made a huge funny by turning everything white. I don’t quite see the humor while I’m shoveling out, but Eli also thinks sweet potatoes are a riot.

The only rub is along with the snow, it’s freaking cold cold cold out there. We barely hit 20 all week. And cold plus babies equals DCFS lady knocking on our door. So we’ve tried all manner of bundling the baby. The thing that works best is his full body snowsuit. It is physically impossible for cold to penetrate its fluffy fluffiness. And the fact that it makes him look like Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons is a plus.

Rub number 2 is Eli refuses to keep his thumb inside the suit. There are these little slits in the hands, which serve no real purpose. But Eli always sticks his thumb out. As if it was his own personal thermometer. He often looks like a farmer testing wind direction.

Either that or The Fonz.

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